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How It's Made — Model Racing Cars (Scalextric)

The overall manufacturing process of toy racing cars a.k.a Scalextric. Have fun!…

Massive 80ft Slot Car Racing Layout — Scalextric Digital Platinum

This set was specifically purchased to have enough track and drift borders to offer limitless possibilities in making technical road course layouts! You can choose from a relaxed full-throttle R4 curve, all the way down to a hairpin R1 curve. There are multiple lane changes to keep the competition fierce, there are TWO pit lanes, a left and right hand, so you can expand to 4 lanes or just have som...[Read More]

1966 slot car racing, early days of London slot car racing, not scalextric

Today’s slot car looks more like this with 14 cars simultaneously People get the chance to race in a grand prix by steering models of the cars round a track. M/S of a man fine tuning a 6 inch model of a car. It is for the race track which seats eight people at steering wheels up the side. They control the cars as they race round the course, it is operated by coins in a slot. Various shots of...[Read More]

Automovilismo a escala reducida: Slot (Scalextric), o cómo me dieron una paliza [PowerArt] S02-E03

Os traemos un vistazo profundo al mundillo del slot, más conocido como Scalextric, entrevistando a Antón Palau, de la mítica tienda Palau de Barcelona, y enrolándonos en una carrera en Parla Slot, donde recibimos una paliza soberana por parte de algunos de los mejores pilotos de slot del panorama español. Si os animáis a probar suerte, recordad que estaremos compitiendo los días 7 y 8 de abril en ...[Read More]

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